Welcome, my name is Stein. I initially created this site in 1997, when the internet was a baby. The site was first hosted at Erols Internet, which was spun off from a video rental business in the 1990s. The original Langlie.com was written in Perl as a side project because I thought it would be cool to own the family name as a domain and have a custom email address. At the time I was just starting my professional career as a programmer and saw the opportunity to use my skills to start a business.

I started hosting websites out of a spare bedroom running Windows Server 2000. I bought licenses for several servers to support the operation: DNS, E-mail, FTP and of course Websites. As our family started to grow we moved and the hosting began to live in the basement. This is where you probably expect to hear about fabulous wealth that came with it, but that's not how it worked out.

It took me 15 years to fully appreciate that scale does matter when it comes to technology, at least when it comes to growing a business. At it's peak my hosting business had around fifteen customers acquired mostly through word-of-mouth. But rather than tout a pricier botique offering, I priced my hosting so that it was similar to the big ISPs and hosting companies. That was a mistake because while the income from these clients subsidized my (overpriced) DSL line, it never produced a profit.

After ten years I bought a couple rack-mountable servers and moved into a proper data center and abandoned the DNS hosting, but the financials never improved. After a couple more years I went fully virtual and rented a virtual server. At this point, however, fielding any type of customer calls simply cost me money and time. This entire time the business was a side-gig; I still had a full-time job and family to support. In retrospect it was great experience - but I probably should have asked for help, tried to find business partners and tried to scale the business up in the early days.

About 5 years ago I helped the last few clients move to another host, so now it's just me and Langlie.com again. It's 2020 now and things have changed a lot. The simplicity of those early sites and life in general has been eclipsed by powerful applications that run through your browser. I think this is a good thing - but I digress. Please take a look around at some family artifacts, Andrea's fine art or a javascript demo I wrote for fun.

It has been a Pleasure Catching Up With You.

Have a Great Day!
Stein Langlie